Organisational Cultural Management is a key element of success and efficiency.  It’s often neglected and the cost is failure and frustration.  Let us help you understand and develop your organisation.  TKF is the pioneer company working in Pakistan on organisational and social cultural development. Organisational Culture:  Analysis   –   Strategy   –   Change Management A few of our offerings in culture include training and consulting on: Values Focus and Leadership Diversity & Inclusion Certainty Measure Knowledge Management Organisational Cultures Matrix Cultural Strategy Inter-Cultural Management Space and Operations Management cultures Culture, Power and Conflict Management Langue Values Adaptability and Agility   Check out our Work with British Council, and US Govt Leadership Representation work. Talk to us about your cultural development: or call +92 333 4505276
It starts with self-realization.  So realize WE can make it better! -English Language Training -Chinese Language Training -Presentation Skills Training Culture and Language training, Self awareness to public speaking, developing successful presentations, researching, to engaging audiences with tools, props and theatrical devices, we can help you pitch the winners. Check out our Work with LUMS, Ali Akbar Group and Xavor.